Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blooming Bob

So Bob (my aforementioned tomato plant) has begun blooming and has several buds ready to start popping out the babies - baby tomatoes that is. YAY. I was soooo excited that I took a picture of them.

Bob the tomato plant (at home on my sunny front porch)

Bob is preggers...

Bob's first baby

Bob's gonna need a new bed (read: pot) soon. In other Spring news, my lavender seeds have grown a sprout, emphasis on the singular article (a). The other seeds are still hibernating. I'd have a picture, but lavender seedlings are TINY (note the typographical irony).

Have you forgotten that I am a Journalism major who enjoys designing in newsprint?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ready for Spring

Well I am officially ready for Spring...especially now that it feels like Spring may be here to stay. And so, I purchased Bob, my tomato plant. I'm hoping he'll grow big and strong and make some yummy tomatoes (since the ones in the groceries stores are so disappointing). So here's my Bob (click images for a larger view):

He loves the sun!

I'm expecting him to get much bigger, so soon I'll be transplanting him. Unfortunately he's doomed to a container for the rest of his life because we have to ask permission to plant and I don't want to leave him behind when I move anyway.
I also planted fresh mint, chamomile and lavender. I'm growing them from seed so I won't have picture for a few weeks, and they won't be very big for a month and half or so.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Peppers

Happy Peppers
Originally uploaded by Beth Beck

It's been raining here for days and days and days. And if it isn't raining, the sky is still overcast. So needless to say, the constant lack of sunshine and the gray world has begun to get to me.
But I have found the cure and, mostly because I'm me, the cure tastes GOOOD.

Travis is bringing me stuffed peppers tonight. I did most of the prep work already. All he has to do is stuff them and then put them in the oven and bake them until all is yummy and good. Peppers are beautiful and I love them. I've been meaning to get around to stuffing them for ages and finally they went on sale so I could actually afford a couple of the colorful ones (yellows are actually my absolute favorite). Stuffing of choice? Ground chuck seasoned with Cumin, chili powder, pepper and garlic. Mixed with that is mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, mild green chilis and sundried tomato couscous (another favorite food). Cover all that with cheese and panko bread crumbs and we have a delicious, warm pick me up.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll be back...I swear

I've been missing. I know. In fact, I'm not really sure what I've been doing with myself. Between launching a redesign, taking over some new responsbilities and training for them at work and trying not to get sick, my schedule has been less than ideal. And I've been quite tired.

Anyway, I will be returning for regularily scheduled posts. Though I have still been reading my blogs. Most recent interesting one?

The blogger on 'Recovering Journalist' writes, "Newspapers are dead. The future is now. Let's start finding the best ways to serve the audience that's clamoring for something that puts the 'new' back into news."

Well said.

What's that you see?

Why yes, that is snow you see. Snow on our back porch in Hampton Roads...the place where it NEVER snows...not for real anyway.
What's that you say?
Why yes: We were surprised, too. So surprised, that we didn't bother bringing our bikes or grill inside to spare them the cold: