Monday, October 5, 2009

Just to share...

I'm just popping on for a few moments to send you towards a blog I've been reading and amazed by for a few months now. A New York Magpie's Eye is a unique view of the everyday scenes of New York. Yet, this blogger seems to discover the beautiful and magical in the mundane that many New Yorkers largely ignore. Every day it seems that something stunning can be seen on the streets and inspire a few poetic words about life in that great city. Have a look at one of yesterday's shots that that fascinated and inspired me:

From A New York Magpie's Eye

Please go there and explore.


  1. seriously flattered here.
    i don't have many readers (viewers? seers? fans?)
    but the ones i have,
    i like to think,
    are perceptive and clever and

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