Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's all in the details...

Or so they say. So in our wedding planning, we've been starting small. Ridiculously small. We've compiled tiny details here and there, but nothing big has been decided not even the date. We haven't even written anything down. And so, here's a list of these details, lest I forget:

Detail number 1: We want calla lilies to be the dominant flower, likely supported by cheap, locally grown flowers. We'll probably buy in bulk and then make up our own arrangements. I mean really, why pay for someone to do something you can do just as well?

Speaking of arrangements, we've touched on the topic of vases, and I think we'll be searching thrift stores/garage sales and the like for random shapes, sizes and colors (mason jars and creative stuff would be cool too), so if you ever see one for real cheap (thrift is better than new here) feel free to grab it. We're talking price tags of no more than 2 or 3 dollars, tops.

Detail number 2: Outside. It was one of the first details we settled on and this is about the only big decision we've made so far. Both of us are close to nature and want to express that at the wedding. Plus, many of our adventures have involved going outside and exploring the world. I kind of picture an event with a huge tree as the focal point, with us right underneath. This decision is actually fairly big because it's pretty much gonna inform everything else, from the day to the actual place to costs and whatnot. In the end, it helped us decide on September as the month, though dates won't come until we actually narrow down where. We're looking at all the parks we can find in this area, and trying to figure out if this is feasible at all.

And that's it. We literally have no other ideas set in stone. There's a lot of questions surrounding this, but we seem sort of unable to actually get down to business and figure out what we want. We tend to decide to make a bunch of decisions, and then we look at one thing and sort of brainstorm about it, but come to no actual conclusion. It's probably not a good thing to put the two most indecisive people on the planet in charge of something like this.

For myself, I've tried to solve this by diving head first into the not-surprisingly ginormous fountain of information that is the wedding blogs currently floating around cyberspace. And while I tend to be inspired in the moment, it hasn't really come together into concrete plans for us. And I think the problem is the place. We can't really make any decisions at all until we find somewhere to have this shindig.

So in the meantime, what else have I been doing? Surprisingly, I've been drooling over wedding dresses. I know what you're thinking: The girl who's worn maybe 5 dresses in her lifetime (three of which were when I was, I don't know, 4 years old or so) is getting excited about a wedding dress, which I've always said is possibly the worst dress purchase ever made by a woman. But as Travis has recently been telling me (mostly when I apologize for watching Project Runway and America's Next Top Model): "You're allowed to be a girl, you know? I'm pretty sure this would not be working out if you weren't a chick."

And so, I offer recent drool-worthy dresses that I could see myself wearing:

1) The first is one from Eden Bridals. The company has many that I would wear at a reasonable price, too. For this one, I love the sleeves (LOVE THEM, like seriously), the bodice and the buttons down the back. The only thing that bothers me is that the train is a little long. How am I supposed to boogie on down with that (And trust me, there will be boogie-ing!)?

2) My next favorite is also from Eden Bridals (see what I mean by liking pretty much anything they are dishing out?) It can be found here. I like the criss-cross of the bodice, and I prefer the lace on this one to the diamond studded details on the first one, and I would much rather have this small train than the longer one. I miss the sleeves though, and the back on this one is a little bit more revealing than I would have like.

Instead of cluttering up my blog with even more photos, I'll just link the the others that I'm currently liking:

3) This one is from Alyce designs and is pretty bohemian. It was the first dress I liked when I found it, but now it's sort of dropped down the list.

4) I'm not sure why I'm drawn to this one (click the link, then go to Style 7113) so much. It seems a little over the top for me, and yet I really like it. Maybe the corset style waist? Or the sheer halter? It's pretty to look at, even if I'm pretty sure I would NEVER be able to pull it off.

What have I learned in my browsing so far? Well, there's a category universally known as "destination dresses." These are your dresses with a less is more attitude, and I prefer that. The bohemian look, with simple fabrics and small details, is the look for me. Giant poofy skirts, sleeveless dress and too much going on are no-no's for me. Also, most designers don't have stores. You have to find them in a bridal warehouse of sorts, or find them elsewhere online. The likelihood of finding these exact dresses is low (I assume) but who wants to join me at a few of the local places and see if I can find something I like?


  1. 1. yes, finding the place is crucial so you can nail down a date. also, if having an outdoor wedding in the fall you will need a rain plan, and a location for the reception... because yes, i fully expect to boogie down at a reception with you.

    2. omg love the dresses. of course, i wear them a bit more often so it's a more natural occurance for me. Seriously though Beth- they all look gorg. Now, as for my (not so expert) opinion, 1 and 4 are my fav. The thing with the train on 1 is that typically they are pinned up (I forget the correct phrasing for this) so that it lays in an elegant array on your tooshie while you boogie it on down at the reception. (yes, I really enjoy the word boogie). the sleeves were also the first thing i noticed and loved. with 4, i like that it is different, has to corset look, and the sheer halter. while it absolutely gorgeous, I'm not sure if it screams "BETH!!", but then again... what dress really does touch upon the unique awesomeness that is Beth Beck (Soon to be Land).

    I hope you enjoy my insight... I also recommend watching "yes to the dress" if you haven't started already. not only is it entertaining, but you learn a bit about dress shopping as well.

    remember though that you can't do all the dress shopping on your own. i fully expect you to allow me to accompany you at some point because i may possibly enjoy the experience too much :)


    oh, and as for decision making... how about getting a notebook and label each page with a detail of the wedding you need to figure out. then you and travis can brainstorm on each item until a decision becomes clear. i'm sure there are planning guides out there as well that can help you along. plus your friends. we really want to help. ;)

  2. As for the dresses - I like 4, but I don't know if it really yells "BETH!" at me. I know you, and you don't do froofy, fluffy ballgowns or super slinky dresses. If we could combine the lace bodice detail from 1 and the sleeves and back of 2, I think we'd be in business!

    I remember looking at wedding dresses and being absolutely flummoxed. The big thing around here is the Filene's Basement bargain sales, where dresses end up being 70, 80 % off - and they are the designer name dresses (like Bagdley Mishkas, Vera Wangs, etc). It's a little terrifying - or a lot terrifying, actually - but the sales are really unbeatable. There are also lots of 'trunk sales' by individual designers up at Tyson's at the end of each season, so you can get really cheap designer dresses that way, too. You'll know the dress when you see it, though - it'll be like 'SHINY!' and that's the end of that decision.

    As for locations - you can check local historic house museums and other museums. Many of them have fabulous gardens and will do weddings on the grounds for not-ridiculous prices. They might ask you to use certain caterers that they have experiences with, but generally they're really easy-going and you're free to do pretty much anything you want.

    I love youuuuuuu!

  3. Maybe try looking for a vineyard to do an outdoor wedding? I agree that outdoors can be if-y though, so have a back-up plan for rain. Congrats on getting married. I hope to be joining the ranks soon and so am taking notes from your planning experiences as my boyfriend and I are just as indecisive as you are it seems :)

  4. Beth! The dresses are pretty! But make sure you try them on before you make a decision (I'm sure you would, but I still feel the need to say it!)... I picked out a good 5-7 dresses I liked from David's Bridal and loved the look of them, but when I tried them on, I only liked the look and feel of it on me from one of them. Definitely bring friends or family with you to give you opinions, but remember YOURS is the most important! I think an outdoor wedding for the two of you is VERY Travis-and-Beth... I am so unbelievably excited for you :).. I love you!!!