Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recipe sneak peak: Boozy Glazed Irish Brownies

I'm so sorry for my absence. The news of imminent layoffs at my company combined with a change-of-the-seasons illness to put me out of the blogosphere for a few days. In fact, it's been a week since I've made these super delicious brownies. Let's just say that after I got off work on Monday (when our editor announced the impending doom), I was really grateful that I had already made myself the perfect food to gorge on in my delirious depression. I was cleaning the pan on Tuesday before I realized I had not shared the recipe with you, my faithful readers. So I offer a sneak peek at the recipe I will post when I return home after work today.

And, don't worry. You don't need to see the industry you've invested the last 6 years of your life in collapse around your ears as an excuse to make this. It's just as good as a celebratory dessert.

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