Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 cake vs. 80 (cup)cakes

We are now having cupcakes, for many reasons. This way everyone can have some of the cake and also we don't have to worry about cutting the cake for everyone. Also, my cake topper is a bit too heavy for a cake to hold it up without collapsing. Anyway, the cupcakes will be arranged like four tiers with the cake topper at the top. Like these:

Though, most assuredly not this tall. LOL.


  1. i <3 cupcakes! but what happened to the pies? Also do you need help making the cupcakes or are you just going to buy them?

  2. does that mean the two of you will be 'cutting' a cup cake, or are you skipping that part?

  3. A) Travis' aunt, an amateur baker who has done several jobs as she starts her business, will be making all the cupcakes. And the tiers actually. She's handy like that.
    B) There will most definitely be pie. Cupcakes are small. And everyone gets one, but after one everyone is gonna want something else. So, that's where the pies come in. I'm right now think a couple strawberry-rhubarb (my fave), a couple blueberry (Travis' fave) and a couple apple (tis the season, plus BJ's makes a most excellent apple pie for $7).
    C) I have no idea if we'll be cutting a cupcake. We made just feed each other our cupcakes. And by feed I of course mean I plan to rub that sucker all up in Travis' beard. That way he can save some for later. :-D

  4. all of the above sounds MOST excellent :)