Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nature's shape

I took a nature photography class last semester. While the class in general did little for me, some of the prompts helped me think about what made up a photograph. One such assignment was called "natural still life." For some in the class, this just meant any still life, meaning they set up a bunch of fruit in a bowl or something. I interpreted it to mean that we needed to find something that held the same aspects that still life was supposed to bring (that of studying the form represented by something) but being found completely in nature. It also requires that nothing was moved.
In Oregon, my Aunt and Uncle live on the coast. The Pacific has a habit of tossing up lots of driftwood in really interesting patterns on the sand. I found one such toss up that really falls under what I think of as "natural still life."
Being a photographer really means seeing what the world has for you to capture. Some the best places to look for photographs is right in nature. While man may mimick the beauty and complexity of nature with *some* success, it can never truly reproduce what exists naturally in buildings. This is why my best photographs (or at least my favorite) are all of true nature. And that is why nature is my number one subject in the photographs of this blog.

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