Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eating pizza for breakfast..

What can I say? I'm fairly lazy these days. Even though I've vowed several times in the past few months to start making more of my own food and stop going out to eat so much, I sometimes cannot help myself.
For example, after sleeping in with the boy, we both got hungry at the same time and decided to get up (I admit it) at about 1:30 pm. After debating, we head to Cracker Barrel for an affordable yet filling breakfast and some of their always-fresh coffee. Sadly, the wait was 30+ minutes long and our stomachs could not stand the delay. Instead we headed to Silver Diner, hoping that they wouldn't have drawn so big of an after-church crowd (churches are lazy here...apparently they don't get out until late in the afternoon).
Let me just pause and explain Silver Diner. Though it is a very corporate and flashy place, they tend to have some really unique ideas on food. Case in point: The boy ordered Maryland Crabcake Benedict. He found it delicious, though almost too sweet (which can happen with crab). He pumped it up with some hot sauce and was quite satisfied. They have several twists on American diner classics (like the egg's benedict and omelettes). My best description would be: 'Classic diner fare with 21st century flavor'. Good, no?
I love the omelettes (and the biscuits are slowly improving, too) and that is where my eyes first fell. Until our waitress pointed out a monthlong special: "Blueplate '08." Does this seem oddly like a campaign slogan? Well I think that was the point. For the month of October Silver Diner, a company based only in Virginia and Maryland, offers two unique omelette variations:
"Obamalette - Inspired by the candidate's favorite hometown food, Chicago deep dish pizza, the Obamalette is filled with basil, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions and sausage. Topped with parmesan cheese and served with marinara sauce, home fries and a biscuit."
"McCainlette - Indicative of the candidate's home state of Arizona, as well as his favorite way to cook, Barbeque, the McCainlette combines sweet BBQ chicken, cilantro, onions, peppers, and jack cheddar. Served with a side of salsa, home fries and a biscuit."
The interesting part of this promotion is that Silver Diner tallies up the number of votes (orders) for each candidate (omelette) and posts them online every night. At the end of the promotion on Oct. 29, Silver Diner will make a prediction on the presidential campaign. So far Obama is leading with 1,026 votes (orders) to McCain's 485. Which did I order? Well, the temptation to eat 'pizza' for breakfast was too tempting. And I was well rewarded. While the Obamalette was not overly out of the ordinary (mozzarella is a little too bland for me), the marinara sauce was fantastic. Combining that with the omelette brought the dish to a whole new level and complemented everything perfectly.

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  1. Mike told me he saw you there when he was picking up our lazy afternoon lunch. =)