Friday, October 31, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

Oh yeah, I'll be doing National Blog Posting month. This means that for 30 days straight I will post every single day on my blog. My hope is to keep the level of 'professionalism' that I've attempted to strive for on this blog. By professionalism, I basically mean I'm not going to tell you long meaningless stories about how my day was, cause really I don't care and I'm pretty sure the blogging world doesn't care. Besides, this isn't a journal (I already have one of those) and it's main aim is to share my thoughts on our culture: life, books, movies, photography, art, music, and even food when the notion so crosses my mind.

Alrighty then: I'll see you right here every day for the next 30 days! (Though my schedule means that checking this will likely have to happen at night since that is when i have the most time.

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