Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hidden in plain sight...

Norfolk has presented to me a vast array of attractions. I used to live and I've lived literally minutes away for more than 4 years now. So the question is: Why haven't I taken in the beauty that the area has to offer? Or the random and interesting little gems hidden all over the place.
For example, when Norfolk got a sister city, that city gave them a pagoda. Since then, the area has been refurbished into a beatiful garden (complete with zen-style waterfall and large bonsai trees) with a charming restaurant that offers asian american fare mixed with random dishes, such as a Moroccan inspired wrap and a Sicilian style meatloaf.
The Pagoda Garden, located on the waterfront near the USS Wisconsin/Nauticus, also offers some beautiful photography, as the entry hints at.

Nearby there is a view of the Elizabeth River, which offers its own opportunities for photography. I walked through the area as the sun was setting and the water was calm, but offered enough ripples to provide these beautiful shots:

Painting with Light...

...On a canvas of water

It just shows you that even when its cold out, there are some wonderful opportunities for outdoor fun right next door.

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