Thursday, July 29, 2010

Centerpiece ideas

I went on a wedding-blog-reading spree last night. It's been so long since I could stand seeing or talking about anything involving weddings. For a month there I was feeling overwhelmed and kept getting a sinking feeling every time I tried to stoke my creativity with wedding porn. There's still so much to do and so little time to do it, but I think I'm ready to get back to work on it.
My first step will be researching flowers since I've officially decided to take care of my own bouquets/boutonnieres/centerpieces. People have told me it's crazy, but I want laid back, simple arrangements and it would be easier to achieve that by not having a professional do them. Plus I'll be saving a lot of money. And, one of my secret dream jobs was as a florist, so now I can take a crack at it. It will be a bit of a task but I think I'll be OK, at least with the help of my friends. Right, guys?
Anyway, here is some wedding porn involving centerpieces and flowers.

I've already talked about my love of twine, but I think I also like the look of plain craft paper. It's clean and simple.

Right now, the only flower besides Calla Lilies that I know I want are Craspedia or Billy Ball's. I think they have amazing shape and are the right yellow pop I've been looking for. The bouquet featured in the top right of the above collage is so perfect. I love those white flowers in there. They look like mini-daisies and I MUST know what there. I guess that's something I'll need to be researching as well.

Finally, I think this is an awesome idea. I've already considered having lemonade as a beverage. Slicing limes and lemons into the bottom of a few vases/mason jars would look awesome and carry my color scheme into everything. Plus the smell would be so fresh!


  1. ps- i am now up to 3 glass vases. wrapping them in paper would be awesome. also, if you get the idea together and the plan, we're here to help! (ok i am for sure and the other girls probably are too.)

  2. anyway i can help from TN you know i will :-D