Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding notes: On hair

It's one of the least important aspects of my wedding (to me) and yet it seems to be one of the first things women tend to ask me, right after what color my dress is (ivory) or what shoes I'll be wearing (yellow Converse). Who knew that hair was so important among us females. I certainly didn't. In any case, my hair will most likely be simple, just like every aspect of my wedding. For a few ideas, see the following wedding porn (as Ariel of Offbeat Bride fame calls it):

I like the simplicity of pulling back some of the hair, but leaving the rest loose. Plus you can't beat fresh flowers.

Long and loose, with a curling iron to add a bit of flair.

And then there is the low bun with a floral accent, which I'm leaning towards if it is hot and I don't want to get overheated.


  1. i always imagined you going w/ the long and loose. you so rarely have it up!

    also, i'm sure we could do something with it, so no need to call in a specialist ;-)

  2. Yeah, I wasn't even planning on it. My mom was bringing a friend to help make sure all was decorated and her daughter is a hair stylist, but it's no go for that.
    But yeah, we'll have to be figuring something out ourselves soon. <3