Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finds: Upcycled is fun

Sometimes you just have to respect people who are creative and skillful enough to make some of the amazing things that you can find on Etsy. Granted, there's some real crap on that site. But for every piece of crap, there always seems to be several pieces of joy just ready to be taken home - by me, if I had the money.
This week I sort of went on an Etsy craze and just browsed randomly through stores that popped up by searching "upcycled." That's what will be featured this week.

Amusing finds

Who doesn't need something to advertise their obsessive addiction to coffee? I know I do.

This next shop was full of these reclaimed, old-lady tea cups with random things like "slut" or "whore house" written on them. I literally laughed out loud when I saw them. They also made me think of a certain tea drinker I know. I think she might get a kick out of this:

Simply gorgeous

I want this, so bad. I know I really don't have a need to display cupcakes or dessert, but it is so pretty that I might just buy it and use it for something else. A place to throw keys in the entryway, perhaps?

And this lamp is so beautiful. I wish I had a place for this. Sadly, renters really can't go around updating lighting and what not. This is the essence of "upcycled."

I could see getting like 4 of this next piece and hanging them on the wall as art. The shop is full of really pretty designs.
"Red hand-painted vinyl record bowl" by Reclaimed Wreckage

Cottage Chic
I think this slightly worn look of this next piece is beautiful. I really love the graphic nature of bikes and I think they make great silhouettes - obviously, since I just spent money on a print of a tandem bicycle.
 Bicycle key rack by prettylovelypainting

There was something about this vase that drew me in. It's not my style, but it's still pretty.
 Upcycled galvanized bucket by Alexis BrookeLane

I think my mom would love these. She once did this to a spice rack, though her's was mostly blue. I would put little bunches of wildflowers in these.

Industrial but pretty

Someday I will have floor-to-ceiling bookcases that hold mostly books, instead of DVDs. When that day comes, I hope to need bookends. These instantly took me back to the time when I worked at the college library. I love that that were painted a bright color, though.

When I was in high school, I got the chance to go to Hawaii. This lamp, made out of photo slides, features scenes from Hawaii. It's a little ungainly, but I still love it.
Kodachrome slides of Hawaii lamp by cameratakesphotos  

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