Saturday, April 9, 2011

Around the house: Outside looking in

It's time I finally shared what our house looks like. It's a great little house from the 60s and I am so grateful we were able to rent it when we did. Really, I just love it.

The roof is actually dark gray, but it was so bright out last week it looks white. Odd. Also, the "chimney top" above the front door is completely fake. There is not a chimney in our house.

 Forgive the bad quality stitch job.

You can see the bushes along the back that used to be 6 feet tall before our landlord got at 'em. Chopping them down did give us a great view of our backyard neighbor's garden, of which I am eternally jealous.
The garage and actually the mud room were new additions from the 80s. Back then the whole house was covered in ugly slate blue wood siding. They put the garage in in brick, bricked the front and then put new white vinyl siding on the back.
Back of the house 

The garage door is not motorized. It weighs a ton, so we only used it to move in.
View of the front from the side of the house.

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