Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scouting for wedding venues #2: Williamsburg Winery

Looks like we have another swing and a miss here. I'm sure the Winery is a lovely place to have a wedding, but (except for the 30 seconds I was driving down the driveway and super excited by the fields of vines) it didn't really feel like us. Travis wasn't there, but I got the feeling after talking to him last week, that he wasn't too excited about any of the venues I had come up with. And I'm beginning to understand why.
They're all a little too mainstream for us. When you get married, you get married at a church, or an old historic inn, or even a winery. Though some of these examples are less mainstream than a church, none of them are what we wanted when we first brainstormed back in September.
I remember distinctly, we said outside, off the beaten path, abnormal, with trees. None of our options right now fill any of those ideas, except the orchard idea that I came up with recently.
The Boxwood Inn, the Williamsburg Winery, the Chrysler Museum: Any of these would do in a pinch, but they don't feel right.
I still think the Winery would be a fun tour to do. Maybe a bridesmaid party? All of us take a trip through the winery and then have lunch together. Might be fun.

I will still offer a few photos:

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  1. hrm... maybe a plantation in Colonial Williamsburg if you can't find a workable orchard (looooove that idea still though). Or perhaps Bekah, who is from a local farm, would have an idea/ a local hook up? I think that when you find the place you're going to walk in and say "YES" much like a dress. Don't settle for "oh, this will do" because this is your day to make it all about you and Travis. :)

    ps- i'd be down for a wine tour ;-)