Saturday, June 5, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Baking is science...

One of the best webcomics out there is called Questionable Content, an amazing romp through the lives of indie kids and the problems they have. Oh, and did I mention the cute robots? There is nothing quite like the hilarity of seeing a roomba team up with a cat to attack a beefed up iPod. Hey, it could happen.

In any case I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite merchandise (or soon-to-be merchandise) from the site:

I am super-excited about this one. It will be coming in both t-shirt and apron form. Yay!

Aren't we all?

My love of this one stems from my years working at the CNU library. Oh, the memories.

Anyway, there is lots to love about QC. Go check it out and maybe grab yourself an awesome t-shirt.


  1. Bina and I were discussing the baking one yesterday. The apron will be fabulous! Still so happy we were introduced this long ago and took the time/ effort to catch up so we could truly enjoy this comic! (was it Graham who told us?)

  2. I want the apron when it comes out...I also want the music +science = sexy shirt