Sunday, June 6, 2010

NaBloPoMo: On setting a date and invitations

Last week someone asked me when our wedding was and with a sigh of relief I was able to give an actual date. I even have the time set. But more than being able to verbalize this fact, making the decision on a wedding date has meant that it is finally time to get serious about these wedding invitations. As has informed me, wedding invitations should be sent three months before the wedding.
After making the decision to essentially design my invitations and have mom print them, I sort put off the actual work for about two weeks. And now it's becoming imperative that I get these designed because the three month mark is quickly approaching.
The design is fairly simple and is based on a webcomic I read once several years ago. Unfortunately I have no idea which comic that was or where I could find it, but basically it's about a sad turtle who finds love. So a turtle theme was the easy decision. Now I'm left wondering how wedding invitations are worded, what information needs to be on them and how to take care of RSVPs (online? e-mail? phone calls? snail mail?). This is the classic one suggested by
"Bride &
invite you to share and celebrate at their wedding
Day, Month date, year
at time"
Here's an example of more fun and informal wording that would compliment the wedding style:
"Bride &
Invite you to join a round-up of friends and kin
to celebrate the day our new life will begin.

Day, Month date, year
at time

at place

Dinner and fun to follow”
Even more vexing for a designer like me is the font. Right now I'm mixing some of the standard fonts that come equipped in every computer (Trebuchet and Georgia, to name two), but I'm not really impressed by them.
I suppose all the details will fall together, but, for now, do you all have any ideas on any of my vexing design/wording questions?


  1. hrm. i know nothing about fonts- just that i tend to prefer sanserif.

    i LOVE the idea of a turtle themed card. makes perfect sense with the two of you. :)

    as for what you say in it, i don't think it matters as long as it says "hey. we're getting hitched and want you to come celebrate with us." and then details. the traditional invites have the bride's parents inviting guests to the daughter & grooms wedding. since you're doing a lot of this on your own, i don't see the need to go w/ that.

    rsvp's would be easiest via email. no stamps, no keeping track of return cards, no having to actually answer the phone. and you can easily enter the rsvp's into an excel spread sheet and move on- no worrying about losing anything!

  2. some examples I came across after doing a quick google search.[]=tags&includes[]=title

    and some other fun turtle wedding things...[]=tags&includes[]=title