Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick lunch

Since I don't go to work until 1 p.m. or so, I generally try to eat lunch at home. This allows me to get some more cooking time in (since I can't really cook dinner when I'm working) and also saves me money.
However, I find that I can't make elaborate recipes for lunch. It's just that I'm not really awake enough to keep track of a ton of ingredients and steps. I'm always looking for a quick fix that is easy and filling (since it needs to last me through the prime snacking hours, when I indulge far too often in the candy/cookies/treats that various coworkers bring in). Usually I just make something up from what I have.
Now that it's spring (almost), I've been more into throwing together large salads with homemade dressing, but recent cooler temperatures are bringing back my craving for soup. A quick scan of my cabinets led me to create this yumminess:

Here's what I did:
1) Sauteed chopped up onions, garlic and mushrooms for three or four minutes.
2) Added half a red pepper, chopped, and a few handfuls of canned corn.
3) Two minutes later I added a couple of cups of black bean soup and brought it to a simmer.
4) Finally, I poured the soup into a bowl and garnished it with more fresh peppers, hot sauce, cheese and cilantro.

The soup was both filling and yet light, thanks to the summery corn and red peppers. I used Trader Joes Cuban Black Bean soup as the base, in case you were wondering.

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