Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Battle of the tomato plants

A while back I purchased a Topsy Turvy after everyone I know said it was amazing. Alright, I only had my mom's testimony. But, when it comes to tomatoes, that tends to be good enough for me. The things are $10, but unbeknowest to me, don't come with tomatoes! Crazy, right? So I trekked to Anderson's to look over their extensive tomato collection (including some amazing - and amazingly expensive - heirloom varieties). I settled on a more affordable "Early girl" varietal that came in a four pack. Then I realized the topsy turvy only held up to two plants. So I pulled out the old pot that Bob the tomato plant (read about his short journey here, here, here and a little bit here) lived in and died in. While that's a little bit morbid, it's also a chance to have a battle of the tomato plants.

In this corner we have the old-timer, Green Death Pot:

And in this corner, young upstart Topsy Turvy aims to steal his thunder.
If the read those sentences in a crazy 90's wrestling announcer's voice, it's twice as amusing.

Both plants have a healthy array of blooms and both already have a single tomato about the size of a marble. Let the battle begin! 


  1. My neighbor uses the Topsy Turvy and hangs them from our laundry line posts. The tomatoes always look great- my money is on team TT.

  2. I hope the birds and squirrels don't have at your tomatoes before you do!