Thursday, May 19, 2011

CSA week 1: A week of experimenting with food

Remember when I posted about my first week of my CSA? You may also recall I promised to post what meals that delivery produced, so here goes:
  • Thai chicken curry with red peppers and zucchini (Saturday night dinner)
  • 10-minute pasta sauce with green peppers and zucchini (I had this three or four times during the week because I needed something quick.)
  • Italian sausage and veggies with green peppers and zucchini (Thursday's dinner)
  • Teriyaki veggies with whole wheat noodles with green peppers and zucchini (Friday's dinner - it's in my fridge at work, waiting for me to eat it)
  • Turkey bacon, cucumber and tomato sandwich (Monday and Tuesday lunches)
  • Greek yogurt, blueberries and honey (several breakfasts)
  • Southern-style Cucumber, onion and tomatoes in vinegar salad (several lunches, plus my coworker had a few bowls)
  • Zucchini and bell pepper omelets with havarti cheese (several breakfasts)
  • Smoothie with strawberries, greek yogurt, frozen mangoes and a touch of honey (the husband made it for me Wednesday night to help me cope with work stress)
And I won't even mention all the random snack moments I had without bothering to do more than wash this or that item. Nothing beats plain old fresh strawberries and blueberries. And, have I mentioned how delicious raw zucchini is? Trust me, it's better than cucumber.
I have to say the food I receive from the CSA is so inspiring. It makes me want to spend all my time in the kitchen and experiment with recipes. And let's not even get started on the taste. Amazing!

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