Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tomato Battle: Topsy Turvy ahead

The original - and only - tomato on the potted plant

Remember when I introduced my experiment pitting tomato plants grown in a traditional pot versus those grown in a topsy turvy?

My backyard, where the plants face off, apparently mediated by my Weber grill

Well it's high time we checked in with our fighters isn't it?

The potted plant has had quite an exhausting time battling gravity and how quickly the dirt dries up. But, when I water him daily (and I do have to water him daily), he's in pretty good fighting shape:

He has plenty of blossoms, but just the one tomato still. I think his drying out so quickly has burned off some of the original blossoms, which means no tomatoes from them. Some of the lower branches are a little limp and dry, but most of them are surviving well, and they are managing to protect the tomato pretty well.

Hopefully, as time goes on, the new blossoms will produce more tomatoes.

The topsy turvy, on the other hand, has flourished. It hasn't had much need to worry about gravity, though the half of the plant on the other side seems to be crawling up the pole. I think it has less trouble holding on to moisture, mostly because of there being a lot more soil in the topsy turvy and a lot more surface area for the soil to soak up the moist air (it's been pretty humid around here).

The topsy turvy has also sprouted tomatoes all over the place. There's these two, plus the original one that was on the plant when it went into the topsy turvy and a bunch of tiny ones that have sprouted up in the last few days.

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