Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas has already arrived

As I was scanning my saved radio stations on my way to work a few days ago, I was shocked to hear christmas music blasting from a station that normally plays lite rock. Thinking it was just a one time deal (foolishly) I stuck around waiting for something worth listening too. That's when the DJ came on and announced the station was 'our' source of christmas hits for the remainder of the season. WHAT? It's not even Thanksgiving yet!
While I don't mind a month-long Christmas station, such things weren't supposed to happen until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). So to hear it this early just drives home the consumerism and obsession that this country has begun having with the holiday that was originially a harvest/winter solstice festival celebrated in the name of Saturn (Jesus' birth was not on Dec. 25, but is placed on that date to avoid rebellion by Romans who valued their holiday. The Roman Catholic church had a habit of doing so in order to attract converts...nothing wrong with it, I'm just saying that's what they did). But that's a whole other post...

...this one is about the meaninglessness that the so-called 'spirit of christmas' has taken as time has gone on. I for one, will not listen to that station until at earliest, a week before x-mas (if even then). And I am also feeling more stressed than ever about whether I wil get christmas shopping done this year.

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