Monday, November 10, 2008

Words, words, words...

Sorry for the tiny-sized example, but if you click on the following thumb-nail you will be redirected to an interesting site:

The Web site is called Wordle. I've known about it for a long time, as have many others. I figure its about time to share this really cool little diversion (especially since I'm getting a little tired from 10 days straight of in-depth blogging).
Here's the deal: Wordle is an application that creates world clouds from either a group of words that you paste into a window...OR by accessing a blog that you provide the address to. It basically searches throught all of the words on the blog/group of words you give the site. Then it ranks the words by most repeated and then displays however many words you want displayed, making words you repeat more often bigger than words that you repeat less often. You can change the # of words, color scheme, font, whether the words are capitalized and whether they are displayed horizontally or vertically. It then becomes a very personalized picture of a group of words.
There's nothing cooler than mixing visualizations with words. And in this instance...'a picture is made up of a thousand words' (well maybe not a thousand...but definitely at least 100!).

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