Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A study in faith...

A city in beautiful Morocco. Though it can be a maze of streets with suprising discoveries waiting to be happened upon, one aspect will always be there...The mosque.

Mosques are the Muslim faith in 3-D. Minarets stretching to the sky for joy and to call others to them to rejoice as well.

Mosques can seem imposing, filling up whole city blocks and last for ages....

But there is always the reminder that they do not. All that can sometimes remain are columns. But the minaret of a mosque sometimes survives as well, preserved for all to see.

Inside, dark silent halls stand for the ages: a solemn reminder of a faith's piety.

But others choose to revel in the light, creating intricate designs for the sun's rays to delight in.
Morocco is a place where all are welcome and each city has its own draw. But one can always find a mosque, silent but joyful, standing for the world to view for their beauty and for a Muslim to view for a renewal of faith.

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