Friday, November 14, 2008

Pushing Daisies

I don't watch that much TV. I'd rather read a good book than be blasted with all that rubbish. Thirty to 60 minutes is not enough time to get interested in characters or a plot. And all the in-your-face commercials are fairly sickening. Which is why you will rarely see anything on this blog mentioning the medium. Except for right now.

It's rare to find something extraordinary on television. Most of that is mindless drivel that could use a good dose of books to really be interesting. One show that has a similar soul as some of my favorite movies and books is called "Pushing Daisies."

Set in a technicolor fantasy land, a pie-maker named Ned can bring the dead back to life. He runs into an enterprising private detective who decides to black-mail the hapless Ned into helping him solve murder cases. Ned can only bring the dead back to life for a minute, after that a nearby life-form of similar size will drop dead. And if he were to touch that living being a second time, they would be dead again, this time permanently. With his strange gift, Ned brings his murdered childhood love back to life, and he refuses to send her back to death. Adventures ensue and wonderful characters that you absolutely fall in love with flit across your screen.

It's usually these shows that are also put to an early death because not enough people will give such oddities a chance. Such is the case with my beloved show, or so the rumor mill would have me believe. Oddly enough, the plot would finish out for it's followers whether it is cancelled or not. Writers say they will create a comic book to finish the story, so unlike fans of shows like Firefly, 'Daisies'-lovers will not be so unfulfilled.

Bottom line
Go out and buy or rent this amazing show. It really was the best thing on tv for an unfortunately short amount of time.

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