Saturday, November 8, 2008

The only overtly political words you will hear from me...

I have been shocked recently by some of the stuff coming out of the election. Happily shocked in the way most people seem to suddenly be so full of hope. Our newspaper is selling out not because we are awesome writers/editors/designers but because everyone wants to read about the message of hope that we are being given. It's a wonderful time to be in America. Let's hope that the hope holds out and becomes something real and tangible.
Unfortunately, I've also be unhappily shocked by some of the reactions of people. Those who just completely shut down and say they must move elsewhere - and are actually serious about it. Why? Because the president-elect is black? Because he's brought hope to a dark country? There are people who have good reasons: they fear the 'give to the poor' attitude, and they have a right to that feeling. But what I feel most people are missing is that Obama seems to want to listen to them, too. He's the first leader that I've ever seen who I can't make a cynical joke about, because I cannot believe in my own cynicism enough to apply it to him.
I'm not stupid. I know he'll make mistakes, probably big ones, but I think he'll own up to them, and better yet actually fix them.
What is the most important quality I see in all of this, and you notice if you knew me, is that these are not my normal, everyday cynical, pessimistic comments. I am not that person. In fact I make fun of that person all the time. But these days, I can't.

And that is all I'm gonna say about that.

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