Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogging: A conversation

Short and sweet, that's what today's post is, considering that I was super busy today and I'm currently at work.
But I think today's post is kind of important to me. See, I'm first and foremost a writer, despite my current job description. I enjoy crafting words together into something extraordinary, or at the very least interesting. But my favorite part of writing is sharing what I've written. Hence the appeal of blogging, since there is a factor of immediate sharing. I enjoy feedback. I want to know what people think of my writing, because in the reactions, opinions and critiques is where we learn and grow.
And so my dear readers, yes all 7 of you if my Followers list is to be believed, I ask that if you have any response to my posts, please join the conversation and leave a comment. For really, what is blogging but a long distance conversation? The lovely thing about Blogger is that you don't need a blog to comment on a blog. So, react, opine and critique away (Bet you didn't know there was verb form of "opinion" did you?).


  1. hey now. i comment. you know i can't help but share my opinion some days. this is why i read blogs! :-)

  2. <3 This was prompted by a drought in comments. This would be the first from you in a week. I don't mind that much, but it's sort of off-putting to be bothering with all this writing when no one else seems to be bothering to read it.

  3. i read everyday.. sorry i don't comment! i'll try to leave some useful feedback..

    i do want to say that i love the way you write, it's elegant... and you usually give me something to think about

  4. i read daily. just some days i have less to comment about. but now i have a mission. a very amusing mission.