Thursday, January 21, 2010

An answer only future me has

I bet you didn't think I would post today, making all the previous posts pointless since the whole idea of NaBloPoMo is to make it all the way through no matter what; to keep putting up posts, real ones that have a purpose not fake last minutes ones that are really a waste. Last time I did this, I did a lot of those pointless posts and in the end, I didn't feel nearly as accomplished as I do right now.
I am way more than halfway done and I am actually happy with what I've put out so far. All my posts are ones that interest me, that I have actually gone back and read over a few times.
For me, this NaBloPoMo was going to have a bigger purpose. With my job, there is a serious lack of real writing. Some say that the craft of headline writing is the biggest writing challenge there is. To not only convey meaning but to also entice the reader, all in generally less than ten words is a massive undertaking. But, it's still not real writing for me. Crafting words and organizing them into sentences, paragraphs and articles that come together to serve some higher purpose, that's what writing is for me. For one article I wrote for the Captain's Log it was to expose the purpose (and failures) of the teacher evaluation system. For an opinion piece I wrote I was finally writing about something I felt passionately about and in fact got the most feedback on. That was fun.
Headline writing, editing, even designing wasn't nearly as fun or satisfying as those few articles I wrote.
So, I was hoping, in this month, to inspire myself to come up with a higher purpose for this blog. I was hoping to come up with a theme, or overarching mission that would give me and readers a reason to keep coming back. Alas, with only days left and little inspiration for the rest of my posts, I still have no idea what this blog could be. And, therefore, what reason would I have to return and update it? Maybe all it really can be is just a public diary for me. Or maybe I will turn it into something else. Only future me knows that, and I am content to let her deal with that question when this month is over.

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  1. If it helps, my favorite blogs have been those that featured pictures/ art you enjoy (and where it can be found). I am also a big fan of the "these are some of my thoughts on the upcoming wedding/ marriage" posts because it not only helps US get some insight on what you're thinking, bit I bet it helps you to put it down somewhere.

    Why not post more about the locations you're thinking about for the ceremony? Thoughts on what you want to happen in regards to the ceremony bit and the reception bit. Length? Focal points? Numbers? Food/drinks even!

    I bet if you spent 1-2 posts a week focused on these ideas you'd find you have a lot more decided than you currently admit. :-D