Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day to remember

There's a tradition among us humans. Having more than a 5 minute memory gives us the unique and annoying habit of looking into the past and evaluating it.
The human race also has an annoying habit of making those infamous things called "Best of" lists. Most animals don't do this, and for many memories that are added to these lists, it's not a good habit to go about remembering them. But for those few moments that can light up your life and make you warm and fuzzy all over, being able to look back is a gift. I had a best day this year. There are very few of those, and their definitions are continually changing and evolving according to new moments that arise. But I think all my future moments will forever be judged based on this moment, and I guess that makes it the best of 2009.
While I myself hate "Best of" lists, it's not hard to get on board with picking my best moment of 2009. It was obviously the moment that Travis proposed. I would also have to say that it was also the best day of 2009, lest I forget how amazing the horseback ride on the beach at sunset was for me. I believe the photo illustrates that moment best, and I will therefore end this post before I spoil the beauty and simplicity that the image encompasses for me.

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