Monday, January 25, 2010

Flickr Finds: "Street Life"

As a people, we all take to the streets. We drive, we bike, we run, we walk the streets of our own cities and cities that are not our own. But we sometimes forget to see the streets for the lively colonies that they are. The photographers who contribute to today's Flickr group strive to do just that.

In Street Life you can see...

A city's young workers (SHOESHINE BOY 01) by Tran Duc Tai

But, no matter what city, you should always see its streets. (Photo by Dom Cruz)


  1. i think the last picture is my favorite.

  2. i don't know where you find all of these amazing pictures and blogs, but they're great... if i had more time i'd be following them all.

  3. I generally just go there and browse their featured groups. Many of the pictures are just super inspiring.
    As far as blogs, my list has been 4 years in the making. And really it's the fact that I have hours of nothing to do at work that lets me keep up with all of them and discover new ones.