Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wedding venue: Possibility #1

In my experience, it is always better to start with the bad news, so that good news can then immediately cheer you up. Well today I only really have bad news, and that being that one of our possible wedding venues likely won't work for us. As I mentioned before, the fiance and I headed to the Boxwood Inn in the Lee Hall area of Newport News (on Warwick Blvd. just past Ft. Eustis).
To be honest there are many things I like about the place, but unfortunately the things we don't like outweigh the things we do. I love the low-key, calm and joyful people that would be helping us plan/set up the wedding (i.e. the innkeeper and her family). At the Boxwood Inn, you get pretty much the whole venue. So, while we would like to be outdoors, it would be just as easy to move it inside because it's not like someone else would have rented the room. And one of those rooms I absolutely LOVE! It's the space that originally served as the general store and post office for the area. The wood is all original and gorgeous. And, judging by the plants they mentioned they have around the house, it would be very beautiful in the fall since most are late summer/early fall bloomers. And they have a large hedge surrounding the property and a few trees.
Unfortunately, these aspects don't outweigh (at least for the fiance and I) the fact that it is literally right on top of a commercial train track and across a two-lane road from an unfinished (and unfunded so not likely to ever be finished) historic train depot that is basically an eyesore. Add in the random car repair shop behind the building and the general rundown look to the area, and I doubt hedges will be enough to block it all out (especially noises that we would not be able to control).
Here are a few pictures:

View from the parking lot, which is rather large and free to park in. Even in the winter the hedge is thick enough to block a lot of the bad stuff around the house, but it's unlikely noises would be blocked out.

The view as you approach the inn. It's a fairly large yard all the way around and outdoor weddings can be held on whatever side of the house you wish. They are pretty flexible.

Above is a chunk of the yard that faces Warwick and the train tracks. You can see the awning which they can move around depending on where you want the wedding to be held. You can also see the lovely Warwick Boulevard traffic lights and the railway crossing sign in the background.

Here is a nice view of the house. This is the side that is apparently used less by wedding parties.

And this is my absolute favorite room. The photo does not give it justice and it is really long and has the bar on both sides. They are well set up for catering as well (as you can see) and this would be a great room for hanging out between wedding and reception.

But alas, the venue is just not what the fiance or I had envisioned when we began talking about the wedding. It will work in a pinch, I suppose, and they do have openings in September. I just wish I could find an apple orchard that had this lovely room but was more out of the way (i.e. NOT on a railroad track) and all would be well.


  1. if you were looking for an indoor wedding, it'd be great. that room sounds fantastic. too bad it looks like outside is rather lame and disappointing :(

  2. there's a manor/plantation right down the road from the boxwood inn... i can't for the life of me remember the name, but i know that the grounds are pretty big. i've never been there so i can't attest to its qualities, but it might be somewhere worth looking at if you want to stay close to NN.

  3. i found it... http://www.leehall.org/

  4. I have to say, I am also absolutely in LOVE with that room! It is so beautiful, as is the rest of the building. It's so disappointing that it's right in the middle of it all. I'm sorry! I'm sure you'll find a fantastic location, though. One that will be perfect for the both of you.