Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wedding details

I thought I'd spend this post compiling some of the bouquet/boutonniere styles I've found. The fiance and I are hoping to buy flowers in bulk and make simple arrangements to save money. I stress simple because everyone says it's not good to take on projects when you already have to deal with the basic stress that goes along with weddings. Why do they have to be so stressful? It's supposed to be about happiness and love! Oy, I believe that's another post altogether. On to the eye candy!

The basic gist is that I would have calla lilies. I've since learned that Calla's are kinds of cliche wedding flowers. But they are my favorite, so what can I do? I could just do this:

But I would definitely say that it is way too simple. My best bet is to mix some other flowers in, preferably slightly cheaper ones to fill out the bouquet without costing a fortune.

Maybe this?
You're right, that's almost in the too complicated category. And it looks like there are orchids in there, and those puppies are super expensive. Instead I might try either of these:

As far as the gentlemen go, I like this one a lot:

What's encouraging is that someone made the above one all by themselves after buying the flowers in bulk and investing in some florists tape and safety pins. I might replace the little white flower with a yellow flower.


  1. i happen to own a crap ton of florist tape, and would be willing to help out. I like the idea of calla's and green ivy. If we make yours a bigger collection with the calla and ivy combo (and perhaps a few small yellow's to mimic the men?) it would look pretty and be fairly simple. Also, we could then do the girls with a few calla's and the yellow flowers- keeping ivy/ green a specific for your bouquet. Also, that way there's no attempt to keep the green coordinating with the clover dresses.

    It's only difficult to take on these projects if you don't let us girls help you out! That's what we're here for :-)

  2. Beautiful floral images. How nice to see this time of year!

  3. love the flower ideas and agree with karen about having us girls having yellow flowers mixed in and having you with the calla/ivy mix

    p.s. Although I am the furthest away from you guys....I am always willing to help with the planning in any way i can! <3

  4. Mo: Hence the use of the blog/Facebook group to keep in touch as far as planning ideas go.