Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Contemplating light

I enjoy my new apartment. I love how close I am to many of the stores I frequent. I love that we have a balcony (which we would use if it wasn't freezing outside). I love the wood floors, and the warm ambiance they give the basic white-wall look all apartments have. What I DON'T love, in fact, what I hate is the light. Basically, there's no way for sunlight to enter the apartment. We are on the wrong side of the building. Later in the year, when the sun travels to a better part of the sky, we will still get no light because there's another building in the way.

*Sigh* This wouldn't really bother me except I love plants. I currently have a kalanchoe (that I've nursed back to health numerous times), but I think this sunless prison will be the death of my faithful, green friend. So I will soon be bringing him in to work so he can survive.

While this saves my plant, it leaves me with little green at home. So how does one still have green, but no sun? One of the blogs I frequent, Design*Sponge by Brooklyn-based Grace Bonney, has the answer: Terrariums.

She offers a tutorial on how to make your own mini-terrariums, above. But, while I love the idea, I'm not sure if I could be that creative. I might just have to buy them already made, from an Etsy dealer preferably. I did buy one for my mom, and the thing is apparently growing like a maniac. I could go with either of these:

We all know why I like the one above (too bad it probably doesn't come with the typewriter). But I think this next one is really cool, too. One question: How would you water the dang thing?

The beauty of terrariums is that not only do they not really need sunlight (they generally are made up of moss) but they are self-sufficient, requiring little watering. I think they are the perfect way to get a little spring in the middle of winter.

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